Car Pressure Washer in Pakistan

16,999 RS.
Accessory Information
Car Pressure Washer in Pakistan
Accessory Description
Car Pressure Washer in Pakistan
Product Description
The homelite HPW100E high pressure water pump transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively into high pressure water power. Because of high pressure, the pump gives great water power with a small amount of water. To ease up the use of the pump; pump is self-sucking, requiring no feeding pressure. Small size, light weight, durable construction and low water consumption make the hydraulic high pressure water pump very cost effective. The patented design of the pump is completely free of rotating parts. Compared to other pumps of the same power, the HPW -pump is only fraction in size. It can be installed practically in any space in the work machine. The power range of pumps available covers all needs. The HPW pump is an excellent tool in daily cleaning work as well as in other works, where reliable high pressure water is needed. It is also powerful enough for industrial applications, dust suppression, fire fighting, hydro scaling etc. demanding applications


1) Siphon feature for drawing water from Ponds, Lakes, Holding Tanks etc.

2) Compact design for easy transportation.

3) Lance with adjustable spray nozzle

4) Compatible with the Expand-it™ range of pressure washer accessories.

5) Total Stop System (TSS)

6) Separate Shampoo Kit.

7) Use as Car Washer.

8) Carpet Cleaner.

9) Radiator Cleaner.

10) Air Conditioner Cleaner (Specially Air Conditioner Jali Cleaner)
Nov 18, 2018
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